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Entertainment Weekly has a preview excerpt and an cover of ‘Sleeping Beauties’! Excerpt from Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King Lila followed the tracks up a rise, then down into the sort of narrow dip that country fellows like Willy Burke called a brake or a holler, then up another hill. Here the trees were Read More →

One of the first reviews of ‘Gwendy’s Button Box’ can be found at If you want to know what the box is all about, some answers to your questions can be found there. …. At the start of the novel, twelve year old Gwendy Peterson is gifted with a mysterious button box. Given to Read More →

Stephen King & Richard Chizmar talk to Bev Vincent about ‘Gwendy’s Button Box’. Here are some parts from the interview: Bev Vincent: Steve, what can you tell us about the genesis of “Gwendy’s Button Box”? Stephen King: I had the idea for the story last July, and thought it was a little like Richard Matheson’s Read More →

Cemetery Dance Publications has announced the World’s First Edition of Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar, a brand new and original Castle Rock novella to be published on May 30, 2017! This beautiful hardcover edition marks the first-ever collaboration by these two long-time friends and award-winning authors, and this tale also features Read More →

From Richard Chizmar Facebook: Regarding the novella I recently finished writing with Stephen King… I can’t tell you the title yet. I can’t tell you the plot synopsis. And I can’t tell you publication details. But I can tell you that readers will soon be heading back to a small town in Maine called Castle Read More →

Richard Chizmar from Cemetery Dance has announced on his twitter, that he has spent the past few weeks writing a novella with Stephen King! No further details, yet. It will be published as a standalone hardcover.

From the website: Stephen King: Why Bob Dylan Deserves the Nobel Prize Author discusses his favorite Dylan songs – and dismantles critics who say he doesn’t deserve the honor Around the time he was working on The Shining, Stephen King saw Bob Dylan in concert for the first time when the Rolling Thunder Revue Read More →

Short story ‘The Music Room’ is available in the December 2016 issue of Playboy! This is the first appearance of the story, in print. Even before the long awaited anthology ‘In Sunlight or in Shadow’ edited by Lawrence Block, which will be available on December 6th.  

Playboy Fiction: The Music Room By Stephen King Illustration by Edward Hopper November 16, 2016 The Enderbys were in their music room—so they called it, although it was really just the spare bedroom. Once they had thought it would be little James or Jill Enderby’s nursery, but after 10 years of trying, it seemed increasingly Read More →

From the Entertainment Weekly website: The Dark Tower film is being postponed to July 28 Exclusive: The adaptation of Stephen King’s books will shift from February to summer The gunslinger’s journey to The Dark Tower has hit a detour. A film version of Stephen King’s apocalyptic saga was originally set for release on Feb. 17, Read More →

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