The Star Invaders - Front Title The Star Invaders
Author Steve King
Publication Triad, Inc., and Gaslight Books
Edition June 1964
Number of pages 17
Binding Booklet
First Paragraph:
The Star Invaders had their own ways of loosening men’s tongues.
Jerry Hinken lay spread-eagled upon the obsidian slab, stripped to the waist, thinking of just that thing…thinking and remembering.
They had come only months ago, in their cigar-shaped projectiles, skimming across the skies of a frightened Earth, Russian and American became one against the Star Invaders. Yes, the barriers of men’s minds were knocked away in one sudden blow, but it had come too late.
The Star Invaders, after weeks of observation, had finally swooped down, confident in their might. The Kremlin, Washington D.C., Stockholm, London…they went up in green gouts of flame from the Star Invaders’ guns.

The Star Invaders - Copyright The Star Invaders - First

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